Hosting the Perfect Paint and Sip Party: A Guide to Creativity and Fun 

The fusion of artistry and socialization has given rise to the immensely popular trend of paint and sip parties. These gatherings combine the joy of painting with the convivial atmosphere of a social event, making for an unforgettable experience for all participants. If you’re considering hosting your own paint and sip party, follow these steps […]

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Cows are a lovely subject to paint for spring!

Spring Cow Step-by-Step

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Enjoy an easy to follow wreath painting for the fall and autumn festivities!

Wreath Painting for Autumn

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Turn Your Trash into Useful Art!

Painted Cans Eco Friendly DIY

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Once  you get all your art supplies the rest is easy.  Over 2 decades of painting and crafting I have found the longest lasting, best quality, and most reasonably priced materials. Let me share what I found!

Guide to My Top Paint Supplies

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