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Join my online courses to learn more about art, art business, and art for healing.  We are all born to create and with a little step-by-step guidance we can begin to unlock our new potential. 

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Easy & Fun Acrylics
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In these courses I will make the topic easy to grasp with hands on activities & expert experience to guide you each step of the way.  Learning can be fun & happen at your own pace so you never need to feel pressed for time! 

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As long as you have internet access and a device you can jump into learning mode anytime anywhere with unlimited access to your course member profile and content. I'm all about making life more flexible!

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Learning Heals & Uplifts Us

Research has shown that learning new skills can fight depression & boredom. You will experience a boost in confidence and happiness which keeps us feeling excited for life enriching our own lives and the ones we love. 


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Fun & Easy Acrylics:
Beginner acrylic painting

Making Original Paint and Sip Art:
A guide to making teachable art

Become a Paint Party Host :
Starting your own paint & sip biz

Healing Art Practice Mini Course:
How to use art for mental health

Fun & Easy Acrylics is a beginner acrylic painting course. Enrollment is open for course membership!  More courses coming soon!

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Courses Coming Soon!

I'm Wendy, your new creative muse.

I will empower your inner artist through all kinds of step-by-step creative events & courses. Did you know at one point I thought I couldn't paint? Let me tell you how it all changed for me...

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I love to spread the joy of painting and art. In these courses let's learn and grow together. We will explore all the possibilities that acrylic painting can offer. My wish is that we find new connections, inspire one another, and level up our game. I would be honored if you would participate! 

My superpower is helping people breath life into their inner artist with little cost and time.... to fill them with inspiration, joy, and a greater sense of connection. 

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