Easy & Fun Acrylics

Join this online course to discover your inner artist and learn to express only what you came to create.  Why make art? Get hands on with why art is essential and how it elevates us. All you need is a few simple art supplies and the desire to create!

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How It Works

You need a basic primary acrylic paint set, a brush set, and a 6 pack of wrapped canvas. Easel is optional!

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You will need a computer, phone, or TV with web access. The course is streamable and has lifetime access.

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In this course I will break down the fundamentals of acrylic painting in a EASY and entertaining way which makes it FUN for the whole family!  You need ZERO experience to join. Grab my easy & affordable supplies and purchase access to the course.

Becoming an Artist

Show Up to Create

You will learn the best ways to incorporate creativity into your daily life in a practical and sustainable way. Your old story of "I am not creative" will become a thing of the past!  You will be amazed at what you create and the fun you'll have doing it!

what you'll learn here: 

How to Heal Through Art

Research has shown that just 45 min of painting can DRASTICALLY reduce stress hormones. You will experience the benefits of having mindfulness practice that will keep on giving through a more healthy mind and body.

Q: Can anyone do it?  A: Absolutely!  You might even surprise yourself!

How does this sound?



frequently asked questions:

Q: How old do you need to be?
A: We recommend 8+ 


Q: Can we watch anytime? A: Yes, It will be available on your profile forever!


Q: Can I use other supplies? A: Yes, use what you have, it might turn out different.


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The Tools: 
Supplies & mindset

Color & Brush: 
Paint along mix color

Lovely Lemons:
Paint with dimension

Sunset Tree :
Paint with depth 

An acrylic painting course for absolute beginners and "non creatives" over 8hrs of paint along lessons. 

Easy & Fun Acrylics 

what 's inside

Bright Florals:
Paint with contrast

Blue Butterfly:

Peaceful Wave:
Paint with balance & movement




Why join the course?

art is healing!

painting reduces stress

Creates consistancy 

build your skills

painting brings joy


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I love to spread the joy of painting and art. In this course let's learn and grow together. We will explore all the possibilities that acrylic painting can offer. My wish is that we find new connections, inspire one another, and level up our game. I would be honored if you would participate! 

My superpower is helping people breath life into their inner artist with little cost and time.... to fill them with inspiration, joy, and a greater sense of connection. 

"Wendy is an awesome instructor. First time painting and totally worth my time. Highly recommend."


"I am only just now discovering my inner artist, and I had an absolute blast!"

Five Stars:

"The instructor was so great! The information was helpful and it was so much fun. I have more confidence to create."


I'm Wendy, your new creative muse.

I will empower your inner artist through all kinds of step-by-step creative events & courses. Did you know at one point I thought I couldn't paint? Let me tell you how it all changed for me...

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