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Welcome & Supplies.

lesson 1

Learn about the recommended art supplies!  In this lesson you will learn about the most common introductory art supplies used to make the projects in our catalog & in this course. Why I recommend these supplies as the most easy to use and high value for a low cost. 

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Color and Brush Strokes.

lesson 2

Create the color wheel, which is a powerful tool in getting the right colors faster! You will also learn a variety of brush strokes and how to make different brushes work for specific line types and purposes.  This is an essential foundation please paint along!

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Dimension: Lemons.

lesson 3

In this lesson we will focus on the idea of dimension in action. Paint along and create your own lemon creation while you learn the basics of dimension in art. Remember you can change up the colors to experiment and add your personal touches.

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Depth: Landscape.

lesson 4

Enjoy this exploration of depth by creating an easy landscape.  We will create a color gradient and clouds. As well as learn ways to create the illusion of depth in this easy and fun sunset tree painting. 

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Contrast: Florals.

lesson 5

Relax and paint along with this bright and happy floral bouquet as we learn how to create contrast in a painting.  There is nothing more fun and easy than painting flowers!  Remember to share your progress with me and don't give up!

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Composition: Butterfly.

lesson 6

Create this epic blue butterfly with me as we explore ways to create elements of composition.  Learn about the key element of creating a focal point by using color, leading lines, and focus to draw the viewer to the main subject of your piece of art.

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Balance + Movement: Ocean Wave.

lesson 7

There is nothing more soothing than a wave.  Learn about balance, another key element of composition, as well as creating movement in your picture.  This elements are the frosting on the cake to take your paintings to the next level.  Get ready to paint along!

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Closing & Bonuses.

lesson 8

You did it now don't stop here. This is just the beginning of the new creative you! Take the time to explore access to your bonus material and keep your new good creativity habits and skills alive. Find all the other bonus material HERE!

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Friendly Reminders!

get your supplies ready

email me for questions 

don't give up you got this

make art a daily or weekly thing

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