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Magic Garden Cat Step-by-Step Painting

February 22, 2023

Paint a Fun Spring Cat Painting!

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Painting a Spring Themed Cat

In this post I will show you how easy it is to create this wall worthy adorable cat piece (hint insert any animal you like).

Make sure to get your supplies ready! Don’t know what to get visit my supply guide HERE.

  • 12×16 wrapped canvas
  • Acrylic paints
    • red
    • yellow
    • blue
    • black
    • white
  • Paint Brushes
    • large square
    • medium round
    • small round

First wet your canvas using the large square brush with water, especially if you are in a dry climate or if you are using heavy body paints. With the large square brush layer in blue white and yellow lighter shades toward the center and darker around the edges. Test different ratios of paint to find the colors you like.

step 1 background

Next dab over more green and yellow colors using the medium round (mix blue and yellow) you can use pure yellow to get brighter dabs. Make the strokes bigger toward the bottom and smaller at the top.

step 2

Next begin to add some white for white daisy flowers using the small round. Fill the centers with orange (yellow + red mixed). Also add some patches of orange dabs where you want to see orange flowers. Keep the center not to full (leave space for the cat/animal).

step 3

Next using the small round to add some pink and red flowers using the red and white.

step 4

Last use either the medium or small round to layer in some darker blue (blue with a little red) and dab in some purple flowers (blue+red+white). Get some darker dabs around the edges and dot the centers of some of the orange and red flowers with dark blue/purple.

step 5

Last add your cat with black use the small brush! Leave the eyes unpainted except for the pupils. Add finishing touches )more flowers if you want. Layer white on flowers that need more. Add anything your painting needs. Finish with dots of white in the cats eye pupils and a dab of pink for the nose. Make sure to layer some flowers over the cat after the black dries to give them a tucked in look. Don’t forget to sign your painting!

final step

I hope you painted along and please share if you did @wendyandersonart

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Find out more about my new “Fun and Easy Acrylics: A Beginner Acrylic Painting Course” Find out more HERE.

Happy painting and stay creative friends! xo Wendy

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  1. Donna Lynn Crosland says:

    love your style and paintings – they always come out so pretty.

  2. Tammy says:

    Super cute and easy to follow. I painted mine on a 6 x 12 inch stone tile. It turned out really well. Thank you for the tutorial

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