An Art Podcast, To Connect Us!

Tune in to discover the journey of artists and creative professionals across the globe.  Why make art? Ponder why it is essential to the human experience and how it elevates us.

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What is the role of an artist and can anyone do it? I will share my own experience on this topic and explore other views with my guests.  

Becoming an Artist

Show Up to Create

Life is so different for us all so what is it that leads someone down the road of creativity? How has it transformed and informed our way of being. 

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How to Heal Through Art

Research has shown that just 45 min of painting can DRASTICALLY reduce stress hormones. Exploring what art does to heal us, and why it's more important for us now than ever!


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Becoming an Artist:
Yulia Tsinko

Put Yourself Out There: Jennuhlee Veranica Dawn

Creative & Practical:
Robert Fisher 

Make More Art:
Devon Gonteski

The Link Between Creativity and Consciousness: Wendy Anderson 

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I'm Wendy, your new creative muse.

I will empower your inner artist through all kinds of step-by-step creative events & courses. Did you know at one point I thought I couldn't paint? Let me tell you how it all changed for me...

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I love to spread the joy of painting and art. In this podcast let's learn and grow together. We will converse with creators around the globe. My wish is that we find new connections, inspire one another, and level up our game. I would be honored if you listen in! 

My superpower is helping people breath life into their inner artist with little cost and time.... to fill them with inspiration, joy, and a greater sense of connection. 

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