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If you are wondering how paint and sip events work then you're in the right place.  I'm about to break it down and let you know all the things you need to get started and join our  paint party sessions. 

paint and Sip  

Here is a guide to where to pick your date and project, how the event works, and what supplies you need. It's easy once you have that list! View all public events on our PaintNite.com partner site or check out our online events, courses & membership. 

It's time for you to do something new and exciting.  Have you been wondering how to get started and try paint party events?  Yes, we know how to make that happen.

real talk:

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How It Works

Head over to our partner site PaintNite.com to find upcoming events or set a private session.

pick a date

Supplies included for in-person. Self Supply for Virtual only! 


Live events make sure to arrive  10-15 min prior to get ready. The event starts at the scheduled start time.

join the fun

March 2020 I was wondering how do I go all virtual?

I tested, refined, and have worked over 300 virtual events to date and counting.  Even though it's not the same as in person I knew right away it still had that MAGIC!   As I found out how it could work best I formulated  my top tips and tricks to making your virtual event the best ever!  ... BYOB ;)

i can help because i've been there

NOW we offer both virtual and in-person events, because they are all awesome!

What You Need for Virtual

internet + ZOOM

An Ethernet cable is best, or make sure you're near a router and limit other WiFi business during the event. Get the latest Zoom App.

Acrylic Paint

Medium body primary color acrylics. Craft paint is less expensive, yet these will not look like mine. Top Picks: Blick, Art Alternatives, Liquitex, Amsterdam. 

Canvas & Brushes

12x16 or 16x20  stretched canvas (or other). 3 paint brushes: 1" wash or flat, 1/2"wash or bright, and small round (#1-#5).  Princeton Value Brushes.

click for supply guide

All supplies included in ticket price for in-person events

“Wendy is the best teacher I've had with all the events I've done in the past 2+ years!.”

- virtual Paint guest

Q: Can anyone do it?  A: Absolutely!  You might even surprise yourself!

How does this sound?



frequently asked questions:

Q: How many tickets do I need to purchase? A: We ask 1 per guest.


Q: Can kids join an adult event? A: Yes, It might be a less kid friendly project.


Q: What are the best Supplies? A: View my recommendations HERE


"Wendy is amazing! She really did a super fantastic job,
very fun ... 

 It was very interactive and she was very helpful and encouraging! I will totally look for paint nights with Wendy again!


paint nite

Yes, It Really Works

"This is so much fun! These events really work - 

I literally escaped my long work day and everything going on around me for 2 hours of just plain fun and creativity!

so fun

paint nite

"Wendy is fantastic. She takes time to explain and help you...

It was relaxing, and just the right pace. She is very knowledgable as a professional artist and is great at explaining the techniques.  Her music playlist is great too!


paint nite

“The virtual event was a hit! My daughter and I had a wonderful time! ”

stay connected with family

Bring family together from around the globe you can all join in the fun and share and compare your paintings virtually. True magic is unleashed when we come together to have fun, celebrate, and create. This time is dedicated to just that. Get your much needed dose of joy and connection it goes a long way!

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“Take your time, relax, don't be hard on yourself and have fun. She was great and I highly recommend."

virtual classes lift your mood

After a long day or week at work, or with all the stressors in the world. Virtual events have the power to wisp you away for a few hours. Leave all your worries behind play, laugh, and listen to music. Be inspired by the creativity of others joining across the globe and escape to my SoCal art studio. Instant dopamine booster!

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Not everyone is the right fit for us.  If your interested in virtual events, booking a private party, hosting at your location, or just want to chat and ask some questions we didn't answer yet we are happy to help! 

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“Super kind and patient. Helped me feel very relaxed and was so helpful!”

- virtual paint guest