Let's do that thing you've always wanted to do.

Become that more creative, happy, and relaxed version of you. Creativity is a way to meditate, learn, grow, and connect with those who join in the fun! I am on fire for the magic we make,  that special something you feel when you did it, you actually did it. Let's LEARN and grow together. 

world shakers, you are an artist:

We all have an inner genius that's itching to be unleashed.  I have found that the JUST DO IT philosophy when it comes to creativity is a great start!

How to Find Your Genius

How To Chill More

Why are we all so stressed?  I don't have all the answers but I know from personal experience that when we make time for art we become a bit happier. It has transformational power that I love to share!

what you'll learn here: 

How to Show-up Now 

One thing I love about creating is that when I'm in that zone everything else can melt away for that time. I'm in the moment fully, I am pure being, and this is the best gift of art. 

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I make custom jewelry, hand made art, candles, and more!  Visit my Etsy shop and see if you find anything you like.  Perfect for unique and one of a kind gifts or a treat for yourself. 

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Portrait Tarot

In this new interactive art form you will get an energy reading, tarot reading, and custom portrait! There are 3 options to fit all needs. Treat yourself to introspective art and an energetic experience.

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Life is all about feeling joy and being in the moment. In our courses learn new skills that are guaranteed to bring you joy for years to come.  Become that more creative person now! 

SIGNATURE offerings:

"Wendy is amazing! She really did a super fantastic job,
very fun ... 

She created a virtual version of the in-person event as best as she possibly could. It was very interactive and she was very helpful and encouraging! I will totally look for paint nights with Wendy again!


Virtual paint nite

Yes, It Really Works

"This really is so much fun! These virtual events really work - 

I literally escaped my long work day and everything going on around me for 2 hours of just plain fun and creativity!

so fun

Virtual paint nite

"Wendy did such a great job of making the virtual experience fun...

It was relaxing, and just the right pace. I could see what she was doing really well as the camera was close to her canvas.


virtual paint nite

Guide to My Favorite Paint Supplies

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How Yoga Can Boost Creativity

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let's work together

 I am all about service if there is anything I can do to make your path to a more creative life style possible I'm all in!  We are all here together to share this life so let's make it feel good. How can I serve you better?

did we just become best friends?