Let's spice up your space with creative events.

Become that hip place to be seen with more reasons to get your regulars coming back!  Aquire new customers and a fresh buzz through our established creative events partner Yaymaker. Join forces to spread the word with ART BASH, locally owned and operated by your artist community.  

world shakers, you are an artist:

There are tons of new customers in our community who still have never tried you out!  Nearly 89% of our clients have never been to your establishment. Now they have more reasons to come!

More Foot Traffic

When we post our events to our networks 79% may have never heard of you, but now they will. Hosting events builds awareness in the community. You are supporting the joy of art creating a positive association with your brand.

How you will benefit: 

New Regulars 

89% of our event attendees will return to your location and bring friends. Your first impression is everything if your food and drinks are enjoyed they will be back for more!

Free Exposure

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We need a dedicated space in a well lit area with seating for 30. Hard floors and movable chairs and tables is best.  We use a PA to deliver instructions and play music so a private or semi-private area is ideal.

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Events last 2 hours and are typically best on a weekday from 7-9pm. Weekends can be anytime. Events require around 4 hours of dedicated space. 1 hour to set up, 1 to clean up and 2 for the event. 

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Server & Bar

Your sales will benefit if you have a bar and a server to take orders. Service is busiest 30-15 minutes prior to and up to start time.  Server can check in for second rounds and last call  is 30 minutes prior to end time. 

what we need from you:


The number of years I have been at it

a lot

Times I cried for joy about that


Happy people I have creativley served 


Number of events I have brought to life

let's work together

 I am all about service if there is anything I can do to make your business more successful I'm in!  We are all here together to share this life so let's make it feel good. Ready to spread the joy of art and create community connection?

did we just become best friends?